Q1: Why My SSD is not showing in "My Computer" ?

A1: Please check "Device Manager" first, if there is showing "JMicron Tech SCSI Disk Device ", then go to "Disk Management" to find the disk letter, "Initialize" it.

Q2: Does the SSD enclosure support Cloning Source Disk(in computer) to Target Disk(in this enclosure)?

A2: No, it can not support "Clone".

Q3: The ssd is showing in "Disk Management" but with"unknown" icon, when I Initialize it, there is an error as picture below: 

picture 1

A3: The SSD is encrypted, please backup it in your computer first, and decrypt, then Initialize it in the SSD enclosure.

 Q4: The ssd is showing in Disk Management, but showing available space as 1.8TB but it is a 250GB SSD, the picture:

nvme to usb

A4: It shows it's "GPT Protective Partition", and the SSD is without disk letter. Just right-click on the disk 2 and select " Change Drive letter and Paths..." ->"Add" -> "Assign the following Drive letter " -> "OK"

Q5: My SSD is with data, but the system said it need "Initialize", i have important data in it.

A5: Please back up the data before you do any action. Then you can follow the system's instruction to "Initialize" it. Usually old ssd need "Initialize" when it  has many partitions. You can give us some photos to check the exact problem.