RIITOP PWM Fan Splitter Adapter Cable Sleeved Braided Y Splitter Computer PC 4 Pin Fan Extension Power Cable 1 to 3 Converter 10 inches (2 Pack)


  • $19.99

1. All connected PWM Fans will folow the same PWM Signal, have the same speed.
2. 2Pack in package.

RIITOP PWM Fan Splitter Cable Y Splitter Computer PC Fan Power Cable 1 to 3 Ways, Black Sleeved Braided (2 Pack)

4pin PWM fan splitter controoler cable.
27cm length.
Black Sleeved Jacket.
Compatible with 3-pin / 4-pin Fans.
Note: All connected PWM Fans will folow the same PWM Signal,have the same speed.

Product Length: About 10.5 inches / 27cm.
Wire Model: 1007 24 awg Insulation.
Material: PVC Insulation.
Conductor Specifications: 11 * 0.12ts
Conductor Material: Tinned Copper Wire
Diameter: OD1.4mm
Rated Temperature: 80 ?.
Wire Color: Black.
Product Weight: 1 ounces (2 Pack).
Product Interface: 4Pin Connector On One end of the motherboard, the other ends of the fan 4Pin Interface.
Product Function: Make Three Computer Fans Share One Interface.

Package Contents:
2x RIITOP PWM fan hub splitter cable 1 to 3.

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