USB C to Mini Displayport Adapter, RIITOP USB Type-C to Mini DP 4K@60Hz Converter Cable for MacBook Pro, Dell XPS (Thunderbolt 3 Compatible)


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USB C to Mini Displayport Adapter, RIITOP USB Type-C to Mini DP 4K@60Hz Converter Cable for MacBook Pro, Dell XPS (Thunderbolt 3 Compatible)

RIITOP USB-C to Mini DP Adapter is exquisitely designed to mirror or extend the display from your thin laptop with USB-C Port to Mini DP/ DP enabled projector, monitor. it is a good choice to share ideas with your partners or enjoy a better visual feast with your family.

Transmits both video and audio.

Support high definition resolutions up to 4K*2K(3840*2160)

note: NOT Compatible Devices: × NOT compatible with Apple Thunderbolt Display(Apple 27" Thunderbolt Display MC914LL/B) × NOT compatible with any Thunderbolt Devices/Monitors/Connectors/Cables/Hard Drives.(Mini DisplayPort and Thunderbolt are different) × NOT compatible with any USB Type-c Smartphones and iphones. × NOT suggest to use it for DVI/HDMI monitor by connecting the mini dp to hdmi/dvi cable. 

Compatible USB-C Devices:(Incomplete List) √ Apple Macbook Pro √ Apple Macbook √ 2017/2018 iMac(but not 2019) √ Asus ZenBook UX390UAK √ ChromeBook Google Pixel √ Dell XPS 12/13/15 √ Alienware 13/15/17 √ Lenovo Yoga 720/900/910 √ Thinkpad P50/P70/T470 √ HP Zbook 15/17 Compatible Display: √ Apple Cinema Display 27-inch (MC007LL/A) √ Apple Cinema Display 24-inch (MB382LL/A) √ Apple Cinema Display 30-inch (M9179LL/A), need an official Apple Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter √ iMac 2009/2010 equipped with Mini DisplayPort √ All brands of monitors with Mini DisplayPort/Displayport

4k@60Hz DisplayPort Video Output via USB-C

RIITOP USB-C to 4K DisplayPort Adapter connects a thin laptop with a USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 port to a monitor with Mini DisplayPort. View video on a UHD monitor for an extended workspace, stream video to a UHD TV or connect to a projector for a presentation. Supports video resolutions up to 4Kx2K (3840x2160)@ 60Hz resolution.

Thunderbolt 3 Port Compatible

Thunderbolt 3 Windows and Mac computers

Compatible with Windows 10/8/8.1/7 / Vista / XP and Mac OS X, Linux and Chrome OS. ( Plug & Play )

Aluminum Shell Housing

Aluminum case reduces EMI electromagnetic interference and increases heat dissipation

Bus-powered adapter requires no external power

Please NOTE:

1. Requires DisplayPort Alternate Mode Support for video via USB-C

2. Requires 4K video source and display. Check with the graphics card manufacturer for the maximum resolution.

3. It can not be compatible with Thunderbolt 2

Resolution Issues:

Supports resolution up to 4k@60Hz,but we recommend you to make sure your monitor/tv could supply corresponding output. That means if your computer supports 4K@60Hz, while your monitor/TV only supports1080p, you can only output 1080p rather than 4K.

If the resolution of your laptop is higher than the external monitor.

For windows: Windows Menu--> Setting--> Display--> Advanced Display Settings, set your laptop's resolution same as or lower the resolution of external monitor.

For MacOS: Left-upper Apple icon-->System Preferences-->Displays-->Mirror displays. Then your DP monitor would mirror your Mac. However here you have two choices. One is "Optimize For" your built-in Retina Display, the other is "Optimize For" your HDMI monitor. You can choose which one you like.

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