RIITOP Right Angled USB 3.0 20 pin Male to Female Extension Adapter Converter, Desktop Motherboard 90 Degree Angled USB 3.0 19 Pin Internal Header -Black 2PCS


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RIITOP USB 3.0 20-Pin Male to Female Extension Adapter Converter.
Suitable for changing the installing direction of USB 3.0 20 pin/19 pin cables with the 90-degree L-Turn DOWN Angled adapter.By allowing the USB 3.0 20 pin/19 pin cable to be installed at a 90 degree angle, builders are no longer need to wrap or fold the cable up and back over the motherboard and reduce the amount of cables needed in front of the motherboard tray.
1. Small size, light weight.
2. USB3.0 transmission signal, lossless transmission.
3. Made of high-quality electronic components and ABS material, stable and reliable performance.

Type: 90 Degree Motherboard 20Pin male to female connector.
Colour: Black.

Packing Content:
2x USB 3.0 20 Pin Male to Female Adapter ( One Up Angled and One Down Angled).

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